The Prostate Gland and Obama Care

Prostate HEalth and Obama CareWhat does the prostate gland and Obama have anything to do with each other actually quite a lot. Like all men when Obama turned fifty he too saw a need to make an “informed patient request” for conducting a PSA test (Prostate Specific Antigen). This is the blood test that is routinely conducted to determine if the prostate is functioning as it is supposed to function. This PSA test was available any and every ordinary American citizen through the medical facilities, but Obama Care has changed all that for now and with the supreme court also upholding this change this test would not be available to the common American men henceforth. What the President received under health care system would not now be available under Obama Care.

In the yesteryear’s a similar controversy had erupted where women were denied the annual mammogram screening and the same was changed to a once in two years screening. Under Obama Care the government has been empowered the USPSTF (US Preventive Services Task Force) in deciding on the preventive health services. USPSTF has the complete powers to stop or continue these preventive health services. As per the USPSTF, it has downgraded the screening for prostate for its earlier position to a ‘D’ position under Obama Care. This has been done despite the fact that this screening for men has had its benefits; this has been done despite the fact that prostate related problems amongst men in the US have been considerable and growing each year. Deaths due to prostate related complications stand second in the US and it is common among men in the US. This change in the system means that those that were detected as a result of screening will go undetected and as a result will result in the escalation in numbers of men in the US who will either come into prostate complications and such complications would result in their death. The benefits have and will always out scale the savings in this screening being stopped.

Though it is a known fact that PSA Screening and PSA testing has been debated upon in its accuracy and in its legitimacy in being a scientific approach it is a known fact that it is not 100% accurate. Further test are required to determine whether a prostate condition has set in or has advanced. Though it is a known fact that those who tested positive for a prostate condition and went in for treatment or surgery had no prostate related complications and some with prostate complications died due causes other than that of prostate.

Men above the age of fifty had the option to take the PSA screen or test, in an event they did decide to take this option the necessary test or screening could be carried out but this option was as a direct result of the doctor patient relationship. This relationship under Obama Care has been totally undermined as a result of the USPSTF guidelines. What is permitted under the Obama Care is permitted under the medical insurance in the US once it is downgraded in Obama Care the common American man has no insurance cover for the same. So what Obama Care has really done in preventing misuse is put it out of reach for those it would benefit.

While the debate goes on, proactive care of the prostate is something every man should consider. With several nutrients and botanicals supported by science and clinical terms there are several options men have. Read a few Super Beta Prostate reviews to find out more about nutritional supplements that you can take to protect prostate health. Super Beta Prostate Supplement contains a beta sitosterol and a host of other minerals and vitamins that your body needs to keep the prostate healthy.


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