Making the Most of Your Fifties

Super Beta ProstateYou can’t believe that you’re going to be 50. Your body is telling you, screaming almost that you can’t keep living like you’re 20 again. You can’t eat nachos and chips every day or crack open a can of soda. It’s time to shape up. Getting your act together now will give you a happier retirement. Here’s what men need to do.

Think about your body as the car that needs to be repaired in order to work for the next 30 years or so. You would probably start by looking at the main part, the engine. You can do the same with your body. Here are a couple of key areas to evaluate: 

  1. Your Heart: Check your cholesterol and your blood pressure annually and more often if you have a pre-existing condition. It’s easy to change to a heart healthy diet. You will need to focus on losing weight if you are overweight. Eat more whole grains, cut out almost all your processed foods and especially sugars. It’s a huge change but don’t do it alone, get your wife on board I’m sure most wives would be thrilled to know that you’re actually thinking of taking your health seriously. After all, that means that you’ll be the grandpa every kid wants. If you’re single, get some buddies on board and change what you do for fun. With the number of healthy snacks increasing in grocery stores, switching to heart healthy foods needs a little research and some determination. 
  2. Your Teeth and Eyes: Being able to enjoy food and look upon the world’s beauty are some of the most basic pleasures that no retiree would want to miss out on. Check in with your dentist at least every 6 months and your eye doctor at least once a year. Schedule it into your calendar and don’t let yourself push it further because of busyness. 
  3. Keep up with your shots: The flu shot, the shingles shot, the tetanus-diphtheria booster (every 10 years) are all worth considering. Your physician might tell you when the best time is to take certain shots but do your own research too and ask him or her pertinent questions. 
  4. Your Bone Density: It’s easy to check bone density and can be maintained with exercise and food supplementation. In many ways, men feel stronger when their bones are stronger. Regular exercise and even some weight-lifting can help increase bone density. 
  5. The Prostate: An often neglected organ, the prostate can really debilitate your latter years if you do not start taking care of it right now. Prostate problems are so common and often difficult to get rid of. You can read about some of the symptoms in Super Beta Prostate reviews. Natural supplements that contain beta-sitosterol like Super Beta Prostate Supplement can be effective in not only reducing the symptoms but also strengthening the prostate if you take them before the issues arise. 

It is always advisable to talk over any changes you’re planning to make to your diet and lifestyle with your close relatives and your family doctor. They might be able to help you live a health conscious life-style and give helpful tips.


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