Is Your Prostate Bothering You?

Super Beta Prostate

If you’re over the age of 50 and have noticed that your bathroom trips have doubled over the last few days for no apparent reason, chances are it could be a prostate problem. The prostate gland is an important organ of the male reproductive system and most men ignore it or simply aren’t aware of it till it begins to cause problems in later life. 

The prostate is snuggled beneath the bladder and wraps itself around the neck of the urethra. It’s subject to a growth spurt in a man’s middle age. It begins to grow in size, very gradually, compressing the bladder and the urethra. When the bladder is pressed, it results in increased frequency to urinate. But because the prostate is bearing down upon the urethra, the flow of urine is obstructed. This can cause annoying urinary flow problems. Not every man is prone to this kind of prostate problem. In fact, men with considerably large prostates have no urinary problems and men with a marginal growth have severe urinary flow troubles. And for these men who suffer urinary troubles, day-to-day life can be miserable, because it can mean getting up half a dozen times at night to go to the bathroom or excusing yourself from an important meeting for a quick bathroom visit, putting them in highly awkward situations. 

Regrettably, not much can be done to halt the onset of a growing prostate. But if your prostate is bothering you, take into consideration these following steps that can ease some of your symptoms.

  • Your diet has a direct impact on your prostate gland. Anything containing harmful trans and saturated fats will increase the risk of prostate growth. Cut back on sweetened and alcoholic beverages and eat more of fruits and vegetables for a healthy prostate.
  • Research suggests that Beta Sitosterol, a plant sterol has the ability to support prostate health. It’s the primary ingredient in Super Beta Prostate, a dietary supplement used by plenty of men to get relief from a growing prostate. It binds to the prostate and stops inflammation, which decreases the frequency to urinate. Super Beta Prostate Supplement review indicate that men who use this supplement found a marked decrease in the number of nightly bathroom trips, which enabled them to sleep better and wake up refreshed.
  • Don’t neglect your daily workouts. You don’t need to indulge in rigorous exercise. But keep yourself physically active. Men who led a sedentary life and spent hours sitting at a desk had a much greater risk of developing a prostate health issue. 

An unhealthy prostate can impair the quality of life. Persistent trips to the bathroom can be draining on your personal and professional life as well. It’s a good idea to visit the doctor if you’re over 50 and find even the slightest change in your urinary flow. Don’t wait for the prostate to expand and take control of your life. Be proactive now and take the right measures so you don’t have to suffer from a growing prostate.


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