The Structure and Anatomy of the Prostate

Super Beta ProstateThe prostate is an important gland found in both men and women. A part of the male reproductive system, it has several functions that makes it a vital gland. The strange thing about the prostate is that it is one of the few glands that most men don’t even know about! Let alone know about its functions and why it’s important to look after it well. In this article we’ll look into the structure and anatomy of the prostate and discuss ways in which you could look after it and make sure it stays healthy.

Where is the prostate located?

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland situated behind the bladder. The urethra- the tube that carries urine from the bladder- runs through the prostrate. The weight of a normal prostate ranges between 7 and 16 grams and can be felt during a rectal exam. It is part muscle, part gland.

What is the function of the prostate gland?

The primary function of the prostate is to secrete an alkaline fluid constitutes a major part of the seminal fluid. This alkaline fluid nourishes the sperm. During intercourse, a man climaxes. When he does, the muscular glands of the prostate help propel this alkaline fluid along with the sperm into the urethra. The semen then leaves the male body through the male reproductive organ and enters the female body.

The environment of the female body is acidic in nature, but the alkaline prostatic fluid protecting the sperm help it to survive in this hostile environment, thus helping the process of reproduction.

Why is important to look after the prostate?

As you age, your prostate grows in size. As it does, it starts to press down on your urethra, giving you the urge to urinate frequently. In some cases, urinating could be painful and uncomfortable. You should take into consideration that this is about the same time when chances of developing degenerative prostate diseases increases. Instead of dealing with a problem when it arises, it is best to take measures to make sure no such thing happens and that your prostate is in optimum health throughout your life. There are simple things you can do to protect your prostate.

How can you look after your prostate?

A healthy, active lifestyle can go a long way in helping protect your prostate. For starters, regular exercise, reducing your intake of alcohol and giving up smoking could help boost your prostate. But when you think about your diet, you should keep in mind that a diet rich in healthy, lean proteins, fresh fruit and vegetables will help a great deal. You could benefit from taking natural healthcare supplements such as Super Beta Prostate Supplement as well. If you read Super Beta Prostate reviews you’ll find that it is rich in multivitamins and helps boost prostate health.

It takes little to make conscientious choices to help improve your health. Now is the time to get started. So get started!   


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