You and Your Growing Prostate

How many of you are aware that the prostate Super beta prostate gland begins to expand gradua lly once you turn 40, and continues to grow till the very end? It’s a part of the aging process, one you can’t escape from. Most men tend to neglect their prostate, till it turns into a problem that doesn’t stop growing, literally! Why is the prostate so important? The prostate gland produces prostatic fluid, which is a major component of semen. This fluid is responsible for the lubrication, protection and nourishment of sperm and is discharged along with the other seminal fluid during intercourse. That’s what makes the prostate such an important part of the male reproductive system.

So what really happens when the prostate expands? This gland is situated beneath the bladder and wraps itself around the urethra. When it grows, it invariably pushes against the bladder and urethra. This results in an increased urgency to urinate. But the flow of urine gets partially obstructed because the prostate is squeezing down upon the urethra. This can cause tremendous inconvenience for some men. The truth is not every man who has a growing prostate suffers from urinary troubles. No one knows why this happens. But for those who are suffering from urinary discomfort, life can be miserable, not to say socially embarrassing.

Look out for these signs of a growing prostate:

  1. Obstructed urine flow
  2. Hesitancy while urinating
  3. Frequent need to go to the bathroom often, even at night
  4. Trouble starting and stopping urine
  5. Dribbling after urine flow has ended
  6. An uneasy, recurring sensation that the bladder isn’t empty

In most cases, doctors advise watchful waiting, especially if the symptoms are mild and not too bothersome. Regular check-ups are a must to control the condition. In severe cases, doctors may prescribe medications and surgery. But there are things you can do to ease the discomfort:

  1. Your diet. To put it simply, low-fat foods, limited consumption of dairy and animal products, no alcoholic and caffeinated beverages, and generous servings of fruits and vegetables are good for the prostate.
  2. Look for nutritional supplements that target prostate health. An example is Super Beta Prostate, specially formulated to alleviate discomfort associated with numerous nocturnal bathroom trips. Its key ingredient is Beta Sitosterol, a plant sterol that reduces prostate swelling and reduces the incessant need to urinate.
  3. Engage in mild to moderate exercise every day. It keeps most health problems away, or at least delays their onset, and keeps you slim and trim!
  4. Avoid drugs which stimulate bladder contractions and make matters worse.

Though prostate growth is a normal part of aging, your lifestyle choices can accelerate it or control it. Super Beta Prostate testimonials can shed some light on how exasperating this problem is and how it can be managed through diet, supplements, and regular physical activity. So don’t wait for your prostate to start bothering you. Adopt a smart way of life by eating right, not smoking, exercising, and try to keep all health issues, including prostate disease away!


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