Is there a miracle worker for the prostate gland?

Have you noticed how all the Super Beta Prostate Reviewsadvertisements on your face book page or email account correspond to your latest searches? Especially if you’ve searched for hot topics like prostate health, there will be a dozen prostate health companies all vying for your attention. Most of them claim to have found some miracle drug that heals the prostate. But living in the twenty-first century, we know that miracles, if they exist, are not sold in bottles.

Sometimes these exaggerated claims do have scientific research to back them up but often a lot of such propaganda is a lie. Some of these lies are so carefully crafted that they would fool even the best of us. So how can we guard ourselves from being taken for? You can learn about the things you should be looking for in an effective prostate supplement and what you can do to develop a healthier prostate gland.

Look for this in a supplement:

  • Beta-sitosterol: In the right proportion there is enough scientific data to suggest that beta-sitosterol might be effective in decreasing the inflammation of an enlarged prostate and decrease the symptoms additionally by relaxing the urinary muscles and increasing urine flow. But what is beta-sitosterol? It is a plant derivative that many plants contain but in order to intake a high amount of it, you’d have to eat an unrealistic amount of vegetables. That’s why supplements that contain beta-sitosterol are preferred but you must be careful to choose one that has it in a high amount like Super Beta Prostate. If you read Super Beta Prostate reviews, you’ll see why the claims they make hold true.
  • Others: Some other general nutrients that play a significant role in prostate healht and should be part of any prostate supplement are:
    • Zinc
    • Lycopene
    • Vitamin B, C, E
    • Selenium

Look for this in food products:

It’s easy to see that the same nutrients that are you’re going to be looking for in a supplement should be the ones that feature in the food you eat. So what are some good sources of zinc? Pumpkin seeds, lean red meat and beans! It’s not that hard to eat these foods. You’ll find that taking care of your prostate doesn’t mean going on a stressful tasteless diet but often the foods you care for are good for you and you can just tweak your diet to eat those foods in a higher proportion. A little research in this area will take you a long way in prostate health. Some easy replacements or addition tips are

  • Lean meat for fatty meat.
  • Tomatoes and tomato sauce on everything (if you love it, eat more of it!)
  • A salad before every meal, parsley is great for the prostate.

The final requirement for a healthy prostate, no thanks to any ‘miracle’ drug is exercise. Make sure you’re keeping active and that will help rejuvenate every part of your body, including the prostate. Hopefully you can now find the right natural prostate supplement without expecting it to miraculously solve everything but rather a supplement that comes along side and pushes your body a little closer to health.


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