Nature’s gift for Prostate Health

Prostate health issues are on the rise. It is said that if a man lives long enough, he will develop an enlarged prostate. So is there any way to lower the risk? Most often, nature provides the best option for prostate health. If you work on developing a healthy prostate, you might be less likely to develop prostate problems.

  • What Nature gives

Beta-Sitosterol is a substance found in some plants in different amounts. It is one amongst many plant sterol esters that is proposed to be wonderful for many different health problems including heart disease. The way scientists think it helps heart disease is by limiting how much cholesterol can enter the body and therefore reducing cholesterol levels. But how does it help prostate health? It can help by binding to the prostate which helps reduce inflammation. This eases the symptoms of enlarged prostate in many men without side-effects.

The easiest form of taking Beta-sitosterol is in the form of a supplement. Two leading supplements are Saw Palmetto and Super Beta Prostate Supplement. The advantage of the later is that it contains a lot more plant sterols than Saw Palmetto. That’s why men who gave Super Beta Prostate testimonials are very satisfied with the product. It is effective to support prostate health and if plant sterols were not enough, Super Beta Prostate contains over a dozen other nutrients that are essential for overall well-being and specifically for prostate health.

  • Doing your part for prostate health

Nature never makes a one side deal. You have to keep up your part as well. Taking a supplement is easy if but if you really want to gain prostate health, you’re going to have to commit to lifestyle change of sorts. What does doing your part involve?

Eating: Eating a good 7-8 servings of fresh (not canned) fruits and vegetables everyday will give you all the anti-oxidants you need. These anti-oxidants cleanse your entire body, including your prostate. Drink enough water as well and you’ll be on the right track.

Exercising:  Getting a minimum of 20 minutes of good cardio into your daily routine will help you stay clear of heart problems as well as prostate worries. Do what you love even if it’s just an evening walk or run but keep pushing yourself to do more in the same amount of time.

Regulating: If you already have an enlarged prostate there are some exercises you can do to stay confident about when you need to go to the bathroom and when it can wait. These pelvic exercises are called Kegel exercises and can help you develop greater muscle control.

Another way to get a better night’s sleep is to cut out all alcohol and not drink any coffee after noon. Plan accordingly for a day trip because coffee is a diuretic.

With plant sterols which are nature’s gift for prostate health and you own effort you can help reduce the likelihood of developing prostate problems or deal with an existing problem more effectively.


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