Eating your way to prostate health

Most men do not realize how much they are risking by not eating well. Since men have a pretty high metabolism for a large part of their lives, they find it almost impossible to see reason in taking care of what goes into their bodies. But as they enter into their thirties and forties, the metabolism begins to slow down and soon there is a bag of fat hanging over the waist that keeps growing.

The habits men develop while young are not easy to replace when older. These decisions to change a lifestyle, including eating habits need to be made by real men. One of the areas of a man’s health that unhealthy eating affects is the prostate gland.

What is the prostate gland?

The prostate is a small round or oval gland located just behind the bladder in men. It helps in regulation of different hormones and helps perform sexual functions. When it enlarges, it can block the flow of urine and make urinating painful and frequent. This often debilitates men who are so accustomed to a fast pace of life. Young men should consider promoting prostate health in order to avoid such conditions later on in life. It’s not too difficult to nurture a healthy prostate. Usually just keeping an eye on what you eat goes a long way. 

How can you eat your way to prostate health?

There are certain foods that can support prostate health just like there are foods that can promote enlargement of the prostate. Stay away from the latter and eat more of the former—but which are which?

Good foods for your prostate:

  1. Lycopene-rich foods: Red foods, especially tomatoes contain an antioxidant called lycopene which does much good for the prostate gland.
  2. Beta-sitosterol rich foods: Saw Palmetto berries contain Beta-sitosterol. However you’d have to eat a lot of berries for the positive effects of beta-sitosterol to come into play. Instead there are supplements that contain this natural beta-sitosterol in effective amounts. Super Beta Prostate supplement is one such product. According to Super Beta Prostate supplement reviews it also contains 12 other nutrients that help support prostate health.
  3. Selenium rich foods: Foods like brazil nuts and sunflower seeds contain Selenium which is a nutrient which works together with others to prevent cell damage.

Bad foods for your prostate:

  1. Saturated fat full foods: Red meat is something men find difficult to cut out of their diets. But you don’t need to cut it out, just try and add variety to what you eat instead of just eating red meat like some men do.
  2. Sugary treats: Empty carbs can be eaten in many forms but as far as possible stay away from all forms of sugary treats. With the holiday season coming up, this might be easier said than done. Think of sugar negatively as an enemy of sorts and that might help curb the desire.

Make sure you’re not experiencing low testosterone because some of the foods that are bad for your prostate might be essential for people who have low testosterone. Try to include these foods and maybe even supplements in your daily diet as a safeguard for your prostate. That’s how you eat your way to a healthy prostate.

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