5 Snacks for a healthy prostate

Snacking is one of the primary ways people gain weight. We never realize how much we snack! One day try to write down everything you eat and how much and you’ll probably find that half or more than half of your calorie intake comes from snacks and they’re usually not healthy. So here are 5 snack options that are not just good for overall health but also specifically helpful in maintaining prostate health.

      1. Baby Carrots: Baby carrots are so easy to pop in your mouth. They are crunchy and a just sweet enough to keep you wanting more. They take a while to chew properly which can keep you awake on a long drive or when you need to finish a project. Carrots contain beta-carotene and high amounts of vitamin A. Beta-carotene along with lycopene has been shown to have shrinking effects on the prostate gland.
      2. Pumpkin seeds: Not a big carrot fan? Do you prefer a salty snack instead? Then pumpkin seeds are perfect for you. They contain phytochemicals that might help reduce enlarged prostates because it inhibits testosterone. If you are struggling with low testosterone, this might not be the snack for you but it is a great option for any prostate related problem. 
      3. Roasted Soy beans: Soybeans contain protein and when they’re roasted and salty and delicious, you’ve got to have a couple more. They not only protect your heart and cholesterol level but also lower PSA (Prostate specific antigen) which can be a cancer indicator. The only reason soy would not be a great choice was if you already had low testosterone but otherwise, find those soy chips or roasted soy beans at your local grocery store. 
      4. Brazil Nuts: More than any other nut, Brazil nuts contain Selenium. Selenium is a strong anti-oxidant. Another way to get Selenium is through a supplement like Super Beta Prostate. It contains beta-sitosterol which is great for promoting prostate health and 12 other nutrients, including Selenium, that protect the entire body. Super Beta Prostate scam is not real. It is well-reputed and has shown significant results in people struggling with prostate enlargement. 
      5. Chips and SalsaOk, you can skimp on the chips and use them mainly as scoops for the salsa but salsa is really good for prostate health because tomatoes contain antioxidant lycopene that like beta-carotene, can help purify the body and may even have prostate reducing effects.

It’s important to be aware of what goes into your body even when you’re snacking. It would be completely futile to eat healthy meals and snack badly. Remember that prostate health is not too different from overall body health—so work out and eat 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables every day. You could go through Super Beta Prostate reviews, if you plan to take any dietary supplementStock up your refrigerator with the right kind of food and you’ll be less likely to fall into bad eating habits. If you’re every confused about what snack to eat remember that the best snack you can find is a fruit!

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