Diet for a Healthy Prostate

Prostate issues are still taboo for a lot of men. Especially in the American cultural context especially there is an immature tendency to not admit to having prostate problems or taking prostate health seriously. Men should be aware that as one approaches the age of 40, chances of prostate problems increase and that is nothing to be ashamed of. The earlier men seek out medical help for their symptoms, the better treatment they can get.

Most young adults are not aware of the high risk of prostate enlargement and how that can severely affect the quality of their lives in the later years. This is a very common problem and if younger men are aware of the statistics that are not in their favor, they might want to prevent prostate problems from developing. Changing your diet to improve prostate health is not difficult at all. Most of the food groups that constitute a healthy diet also help prostate health.

So what specifically should you make sure your diet includes and doesn’t include if you want to promote prostrate health?

  1. “Eat your Veggies”

No surprise here! If you do a little research, you’ll find that the family of broccoli that includes cabbage and cauliflower (cruciferous vegetables) are rich in the right nutrients you need for a healthy prostate.

You might be surprised but tomato-based sauce like a good ‘ol marinara sauce is a good prostate health food too. Cooked tomatoes contain high amounts of lycopene which is a phytochemical that is beneficial.

Eating a good amount of vegetables (not all potatoes) in your daily diet is a way to build up your immunity and battle every kind of health issue. Fruits are great as well but don’t neglect the vegetables.

2. “Don’t get high on High C”

Basically don’t get addicted to a sugar high. Especially refined, highly-processed sugars eaten in large quantities are not good for your prostate. You might not think you eat a lot of processed sugar but think through what you’ve eaten today or yesterday. The aerated drinks, sugary breakfast cereal, gummy candy you eat to pass time on a long drive, that third slice of cake that called out to you after you had brushed your teeth—they all add up pretty quickly.

3. “Eat the right fats”

It might surprise you that Canola oil has half the saturated fat when compared to vegetable oil. It’s a simple switch to make when you’re trying to eat less fat. Fats are necessary for the absorption of fat-soluble nutrients but most of us are well over our fat consumption limits. Olive oil is a delicious substitute for vegetable oil as well. But on the whole, you don’t have to try too hard to eat food that is not greasy but is tasty. It might take time to break some bad habits but gaining prostate health is worth it.

The reason you need to change your diet and make sure you’re maintaining a healthy prostate is because living with an enlarged prostate is very difficult. You can almost never go for a chunk of time without feeling the urge to urinate and not being able to. That kind of discomfort is preventable with these diet changes. You can also think of various supplements for prostate health like Super Beta Prostate Supplement. It contains beta-sitosterolthat has been clinically shown to help prostate health as well as over a dozen nutrients for overall health. It’s been in the market for over 10 years and you can read tons of Super Beta Prostate Supplement reviews. That’s the kind of trust-worthy and effective supplement you would want to look for. Between eating a good diet and taking effective supplements, you can be on your way to aging well.


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