Living with an Enlarged Prostrate

A large percentage of men over age 50 experience problems related to the prostate gland. This small gland can make day to day living very inconvenient and painful in some cases. The most common prostate issue is having an enlarged prostate.

Now there would be nothing bad about an enlarged prostate if it didn’t press upon the bladder and urethra and cause mild to severe discomfort while urinating. Men who experience the following symptoms might have an enlarged prostate.

  • Most men feel frequent urges to urinate and have to always be on the look-out for the nearest restroom.
  • Some find that even after urinating, the bladder does not feel empty and are faced with the reality that they might have to return to the restroom again in the next half hour.
  • There is a general discomfort while urinating and the flow might be weaker than it used to be.

Here are some ways to continue normal life even with an enlarged prostate.

  • Eat right and exercise

Eating right for prostate health means not only eating a well-balanced diet but also avoiding fat-rich foods. Eat more fiber-rich foods and avoid anything that is super-processed. Milk and other high calcium foods are also better avoided since drinking milk has been linked to a higher risk of prostate cancer. It goes without saying that diuretics like coffee and alcohol should be avoided at any cost especially 4-8 hours before you sleep.

  • Take effective supplements

There are a variety of supplements in the market to promote prostate health. They help provide the nutrients and vitamins you might not get in your diet even if it is balanced. Consider the Super Beta Prostate supplement reviews for example—it has beta-sitosterol in the highest concentration that helps support urinary and prostate functions. It has been in the market for about 10 years and since it is all natural so you don’t need to worry about side-effects. Super Beta Prostate is far from a scam. In fact, Super Beta Prostate testimonials are good enough to show anyone that it has helped so many people and can help you too.

  • Train your mind and body

You can practice holding it till you really have to go when you’re at home. This will help increase bladder capacity and make you more confident when you’re out of the house. Double-voiding which is the practice to waiting in the restroom for 15 seconds to a minute and going again is great for helping to really empty the bladder.

If any symptoms seem to be getting worse, ask your doctor for advice. We hope these tips have been helpful and boost your confidence in being able to live a fun, normal life with friends and family.


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